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Thank you VRLTA for the honor and award!



“Be a brewery that empowers people to effect change in their local and global community.”


"A place where friends and families gather.  Beers that highlight the land and waters of Virginia's Eastern Shore.  A small business that believes in giving back. We're Black Narrows Brewing Co., building bridges and crafting change since 2017.”

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We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS…

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see you at the NYE BIRTHDAY BASH!!!

Thank you Michael / Oliver / GOOD BEER HUNTING

There are people in this world that you meet and feel instantly at ease, at home with. A natural connector and storyteller Michael Kiser fell in with our family like he was one of us. We had the pleasure of having him over for supper back in August. We talked business and beers, family and faith, about what our One Local One Global project means for Black Narrows and our community. We laughed and cried, we held babies and danced in the living room.  We drank beer and lived in the moment, a moment looking back and looking forward at this great adventure we’re brewing. Cause beer’s just beer, as good as it is, life, life is the thing we’re creating together. Click HERE to listen to the podcast with Michael Kiser and the Black Narrows family. Click HERE to read Oliver Gray’s take on Chincoteague Island and Black Narrows Brewing.