83% of our ingredients are local.

We intentionally craft beers that reflect the land & waters and the way of life here on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Josh (lead brewer) was a chef turned homebrewer turned professional brewer and for him, every brew begins with the right ingredients. We spend more time and money sourcing locally. We find the best local ingredients and create beers reflecting both the real & figurative seasons we find ourselves in. Every beer is a story, with faces and places behind it. We not only source from our local farmers, watermen and makers, we plan with them and partner with them. Because without them, we can’t create these one of a kind beers. Our farmers are the future, for our kids, for our families and for our breweries. Our hope is that one day folks will drink a beer and say “wow, those Eastern Shore beers are something” like you say about terroir or wine. It may not even be about our beer, maybe someone else’s whose here long after we’ve come and gone. But that’s where our heart is. We hope to pave the way for the future of craft beer here on The Shore and change what LOCAL CRAFT BEER means in America today.