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We feel so fortunate to be the first brewery coming to Virginia's Eastern Shore.  This place is like none other.  Farms, forests, the ocean, the bay and marsh for miles.  We hope you'll come and adventure round these parts.  You'll find us over the Black Narrows on Chincoteague Island in an old oyster shuckin' house.  Here, we live by the old rhythms.  The seasons move us and our family, our island and our brewery.  When you're here, you're family.  We can't wait to have you over for a pint on our porch. 

Our beers will reflect the land and waters all around us.   

We're supporting nearby farmers, watermen, artisans and others along the way.  We believe in investing in our local people, the backbone of our community.  Pilot Malt House in Loudon County uses a Virginia 6-row barley for our Black Narrows Pale (the base malt for most of our beer.)   We found Dixon Leatherbury from Seaside Hops in Machipongo, Virginia.  We're sourcing fruits, vegetables, herbs, bark and more from Perennial Roots Farm in Accomac, VA.  Not only that, but we're sending back our spent grain and processed hop matter to feed their pigs.  Aaron Cooper from Cut Fresh Organics is helping us with our specialty grains.  Kellen Singleton and Troy Libertino are locals who help navigate our waters and their natural resources.  We particularly love the Chincoteague Salts (oysters) found here.  We're so fond of these folks.  We're happy to have them down the road.



Each year, 5% of our gross beer sales will go to 12 local causes (one highlighted each month.)  

Another 5% will go to one global cause.