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Family is everything to us.

We love what we do. We’re just some folks who had a dream and decided to risk everything to make it happen. We’re a small family owned and operated, farmer’s first brewery. We bootstrapped this operation together from the ground up. Bob and Wendy (aka Mom & Dad, owners of Black Narrows) poured all their sweat, money and sanity into this project. Josh and Jenna (founders of Black Narrows) crafted the vision and mission and run the day to day. Mike and Katie (managers) lead the staff in education and service. Heather, Zach and Casey (bartenders) take good care of you day in and day out. Our hope is that when you’re here, you feel right at home. And when you drink here, pass the time of day here, you’re also supporting the families of local farmers and artisans. And we’ve committed to giving back 10% of our profits to one global and 12 local causes. So, you’re changing lives too. Welcome to the family.