Family Suppers

We love gatherings.  Any chance to get together over food with family and friends, well, that's our jam.  We'll have a smorgasbord of small plates waiting for you with plenty of beer.  It's free.  It's our way of saying thank you for supporting us.  Plus we know you have questions and we'd love to chat with you about why we're here and what we're doing.  Or maybe you just want to hang out and taste some beer, that's cool too.  Whatever the reason, we'd love to have you over.  We thought this would be the perfect way for the Black Narrows family to gear up for a grand opening in 2017.  

(Sorry! The Last Supper is all filled up.  We had so much fun putting these on for y'all, but we're entering the next phase of buildout and gearing up for opening so it's gonna get busy here fast.  Make sure to sign up for our newsletter, our subscribers will be the first to know when we share big news.  Thanks for all the love and support friends, you mean the world to us.)



{Opening festivities COMING SOON}

6/30/17  STORYTELLING at CCA (Featuring MARSH partners)

6/24/17  The Last Supper

6/10/17  Supper Down County

6/1/17    MARSH Fest Tickets go on sale

5/29/17   Memorial Day

5/16/17   Brewers Panel/Premier of "Craft"

4/29/17   Chincoteague Shore Craft Beer Fest  

4/16/17   Easter Sunday

4/1/17     Supper in the Studio

3/26/17   First Commercial Beer Release 

3/17/17   St. Patrick's Day

2/26/17   Collab with Right Proper Brewing

2/25/17   Supper in the 'Burbs

2/14/17   Valentine's Day

2/12/17   Supper with the Founders

1/25/17   First Family Supper

1/25/17   AFID Award Ceremony